Coquetdale is in the heart of rural Northumberland. Whilst this is an area of outstanding natural beauty, it is also a place where people live and work!

For those in search of solitude, fresh air, unspoilt countryside, history and space to breathe, then welcome to paradise!

Coquetdale has plenty to offer everybody, from its shopping opportunities to its outdoor activities, Rothbury is the main shopping shopping town of Coquetdale offering many different shops selling many different things, some of the smaller villages have smaller shops.

As for outdoor activities, coquetdale has many to offer, walking, golf, fishing, cycling, shooting, hiking, etc, walking seems to be the most popular as coquetdale has some of the most stunning views in the whole of the uk, thats why its a area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The area of Coquetdale has the following villages, Longframlington, Rothbury, Thropton, Sharperton & Holystone, Harbottle and Alnwinton. The map on the right shows the arrangment of the villages within coquetdale

As you can see from the above map, the villages are nicely spread out within Coquetdale and can all be reached by foot, car or bus. If you would like an interactive look at Coquetdale, take a tour.


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